dxlfiletransferservice.requesthandlers module

class dxlfiletransferservice.requesthandlers.FileStoreRequestCallback(dxl_client, storage_dir, working_dir=None)

Bases: dxlclient.callbacks.RequestCallback

Request callback used to process file storage requests.

Constructor parameters:

  • dxl_client (dxlclient.client.DxlClient) -- The DXL client through which to send responses
  • storage_dir (str) -- Directory under which files are stored. If the directory does not already exist, an attempt will be made to create it.
  • working_dir (str) -- Working directory under which files (or segments of files) may be stored in the process of being transferred to the storage_dir. If not specified, this defaults to ".workdir" under the value specified for the storage_dir parameter.

PermissionError -- If the storage_dir does not exist and cannot be created due to insufficient permissions.


Invoked when a request message is received.

Parameters:request (dxlclient.message.Request) -- The request message